Grey Cup Betting

The Grey Cup is the trophy given to the team that wins the CFL championship game at the end of every season. There are 8 teams in the CFL and 6 of them earn a playoff spot during the regular season. The playoffs in the CFL are single elimination, which is the same way that the NFL playoffs are played. You should be able to bet on the Grey Cup at any of the sportbooks that allow you to wager on the CFL regular season.

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Grey Cup Bets

Online sportbooks like offering bettors plenty of ways to bet on championship games and even though not as many people bet on the CFL as other sports, you’ll still find plenty of ways to gamble your bankroll. We’re going to walk you through the types of bets you can make during the Grey Cup game.

· The simplest way to bet on the Grey Cup is by betting on the team you think is going to win. You can bet the moneyline, which is where you need to pick either team to simply win the game outright. In the CFL you can also bet on the point spread set by the sportsbook. You can also bet on the moneyline and point spread for every quarter of the Grey Cup game with certain online sportbooks.

· You can bet on the over/under of the Grey Cup game and with some sportbooks you’ll even be able to bet on the over/under for each quarter of the game if you’d like.

· Many sportbooks set-up a variety of prop bets for the Grey Cup game. You can bet on the player you think is going to win the MVP award along with lots of other bets like over/under on rushing yards or passing yards.

If you want to try and make a lot of money betting on the Grey Cup then your best bet is probably betting on prop bets. There are typically dozens of prop bets available for the Grey Cup game and many of them aren’t that difficult. For prop bets you need to look at recent match-ups between the team, which is easy for the Grey Cup game since every team plays each other multiple times throughout the year. If you notice a RB has rushed for over 100 yards in each of the games played against the other team and you can bet on over 70 yards, then there is plenty of value.

Betting on the team to win the Grey Cup isn’t always that simple since both teams typically have a legitimate shot at winning the game. The Grey Cup is typically played near the end of November every year although the date does change. Millions of people watch the game on television and it’s one of the most popular championship games in Canada apart from the Stanley Cup. With college football and the NFL seasons well underway by the time the Grey Cup rolls around it’s often overlooked by Americans, but you should definitely try watching it if you haven’t.