Formula One Odds

The odds in Formula 1 will appear differently depending on the sportsbook you bet with, but they mean the exact same thing. If you’re playing with a European sportsbook then you may find the odds posted using fractions, which is slightly different then the way the American sportbooks post their odds. We’re going to assume you’re betting with a US friendly sportsbook and show you what the odds will look like when you’re making a wager on F1 racing.

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Formula 1 Odds

We’re going to take a look at one of the most popular types of bets, which is the match-up bet. The odds are posted the same for every type of bet, so once you understand the odds below you’ll be ready to start betting on Formula One racing.

· Fernando Alonso +125

· Mark Webber +135

· Lewis Hamilton +220

In the above example you need to determine which driver will finish in the highest position out of the three drivers. If you take a look at the odds you’ll notice a + sign in front of each number, which means you’ll earn plus money on your bet rather then having to risk juice. The easiest way to figure out what the odds mean is by figuring out how much money you can win on a $100 wager. In the example above you’d win $125 on Alonso, $135 on Webber or $220 on Hamilton if you placed a $100 wager on one of the drivers and they ended up winning the bet.

If you have odds listed like –200 then it simply means that you’re looking at a bet that the bookie figures is likely to happen and therefore you need to risk juice. You’d need to wager $200 just to win $100 if the odds were –200, so make sure you take a look at whether the odds have a + or – before making your bet or it could cost you a lot of money.

Since US sportbooks don’t focus on F1 racing you can often find weak lines that are just waiting to be exposed. You’ll notice that the lines are typically better on the underdogs with the US sportbooks although if you plan on betting a favourite then you may want to try betting with a European sportsbook as they tend to have better odds available on the favourites in F1.

One thing that’s important for new Formula One bettors to learn is that you can’t get greedy. A lot of people want to go for the big payday, but if you only bet on outcomes with +500 odds or similar, your chances of winning are slim. You need to really focus on match-up bets and find the match-up bets where one driver has a lot of value.

F1 isn’t a sport with that much parity, so choosing winners isn’t that hard to do on a regular basis if you’re smart. Trying to pick the outright winner of the race every time isn’t going to happen, but it isn’t that hard to find 1-2 match-up bets that you can win every race.

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