NHL Betting Odds

In the NHL you’re mostly going to wager on the moneyline, so it’s important to know how to read those odds. Quite a few online sportbooks also offer puckline bets, which also use moneyline odds, but you also need to worry about the spread. Betting on the NHL is the exact same as any other sport, so if you’ve bet on any other sports in the past, you’ll know exactly what you’re doing. If you’ve never wagered on any sports before you can check out a few examples below to learn how to read NHL odds.

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NHL Moneyline Odds

Most of the wagers you make will be on the moneyline in hockey and if you’re using a sportsbook focused on the North American market, you’ll notice the NHL odds posted just like the example below.

· Toronto Maple Leafs +130 vs. New York Rangers –125

The Rangers are a small favourite in the example above at –125, which simply means that if you wagered $125 you’d win $100. If you bet on the Leafs you could bet $100 and win $130 because they’re offering + money on them. In the NHL you often need to deal with paying heavy juice on favourites and it’s very common to bet on a team with odds of –150 or higher.

NHL Puckline Odds

The odds on puckline bets are very similar to moneyline odds except for the fact that there is a goal spread that you need to worry about. Typically the spread will be –1.5 for the favoured team and +1.5 on the underdog team although some online sportbooks also offer adjusted puckline spreads of –1, -2, -2.5 and –3. When you bet on the puckline you’ll win a lot more money if you bet on a team to win by more then the spread, but you’ll pay a lot more juice if you take a team not to lose by the spread. I never typically bet on a team not to lose by the spread, but I will bet on teams to win by the spread if there is enough value.

NHL lines aren’t released until the night before the games, which doesn’t give you that much time to make your picks. There is generally some line movement throughout the day of the game, but never that much. If you’re going to be betting on a public team then it’s important to bet them as soon as the line comes out. If you know the team you’re going to pick is going to be a non-public team then you should wait until closer to game time before making your bet, as the odds will usually move in your favour slightly throughout the day.

You should try and open accounts with a few sportbooks that focus on the NHL market to ensure you always have the best lines out there. If you plan on betting on other sports it’s important to have multiple sportsbook accounts anyways, so you should open them up as soon as possible.

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