Real Money Online Let It Ride

Let It Ride is poker based casino game that has a fixed set of payouts. You will not be playing against the dealer. Let It Ride is also commonly referred to as Let’em Ride, Let Them Ride, Ride’m Poker or Free Ride. The odds for real money online Let It Ride are better than most casino games. Very little knowledge is needed to reduce the house edge to 3.51%. To put that into perspective, Roulette has a house edge of 5.26%. Let It Ride is very popular in the U.S.A., but relatively unknown in Europe so it can mostly be found at U.S. friendly internet casinos.

Real money Let It Ride offers some really large payouts. Most online casinos offer a side bet for $1 that pays out $20,000-$30,000 depending on the casino. The regular Let It Ride payouts range from 1:1 for a pair of tens or better to 1,000:1 for a Royal Flush. Most of your wins will be from pairs and two of a kind, but there is always the prospect of hitting a 200:1 Straight Flush or 1,000:1 Royal Flush. This gives Let It Ride players an exhilarating rush knowing that any hand could be their big payday. This article will cover some basic strategies for playing Let It Ride for real money online. I will also provide some details on the best Let It Ride casinos.

Best Let It Ride Sites

#Brand Bonus OfferReady To Play?
1.888 200% to $5,000 Play
2.spinpalace 100% up to $2,000 Play Ignition Casino
3.spinpalace 100% up to $3,000 Play Bovada Casino

Real Money Let It Ride Strategy

Strategy for Let It Ride is pretty straight forward. Before I get into tips and strategies I will need to clarify something. There are two main variations of Let It Ride. The traditional variation requires players to put up all three bets at the beginning of the game. In the other one you will only put up one bet. The second and third bets are optional in both variations, but the wording is different. In Let It Ride you win by getting a pair of 10′s or better. You only want to let the second and/or third bet ride if the odds of having 10′s or better are good. You will want to let the second bet ride or place the second bet, depending on which version of the game you are playing, with the following three card hands.

- Pair of 10′s through three of a kind
- Three suited cards 10 or higher (10s-Js-Ks)
- Three consecutive suited cards (5h-6h-7h)

The most common mistake players make when playing Let It Ride for real money is to let the second bet ride with pairs lower than 10′s. It makes sense at a glance because you could easily catch two pair or three of a kind so you naturally want to have as much wagered as possible. This is always a bad bet though and if you do it the house edge will increase drastically. Here are the situations that warrant letting the third bet ride with four cards.

- Pair of 10′s through four of a kind
- Any Flush draw
- Any open-ended straight draws (5h-6s-7s-8d)
- Inside straight draws that include 4 high cards (10h-Jd-Ks-Ah)

Let It Ride Poker Side Bet

You can make a side bet in Let It Ride poker that offers huge payouts. A one dollar bet can usually win $20,000-$30,000 for a Royal Flush. The payouts for this side bet are not universal though. The house edge for this bet can range from 13.77% to 36.52% at casinos with fixed payouts, but you can get better odds if there is a progressive jackpot. It all depends on the size of the jackpot and the payouts. The Sportsbook Casino has the largest side bet jackpot that I have ever seen.

Let It Ride 3 Card Bonus Bet

There is also a bonus bet option at some casinos. This bet is should not be confused with the side bet outlined above. This bet is based on your first three cards and uses the same hand rankings as 3 Card Poker. The payouts do tend to vary, but are generally comparable to the payout for 3 Card Poker. The house edge can be as low as 2.14%, but it will usually range from 4.20% to 7.10%. You will see this option at brick and mortar casinos much more often than at online casinos.

Best Real Money Let It Ride Casinos

When it comes to playing Let It Ride for real money online there are three casinos that come to mind. Each accepts players from America, has excellent casino software and has a flawless reputation. They share something else in common too. Each of these casinos has a different name for this game. The payouts for the main bet are the same at each casino, but the payouts for the side bet are different. Here are the top real money casinos to play Let It Ride at:

Sportsbook Casino – Let It Ride is called Free Ride at the Sportsbook Casino. They are the only one of our featured casinos to offer a progressive jackpot for the side bet. This jackpot is currently over $200,000 which is above average. That puts the payout for a Straight Flush at $20,000+, and the Royal pays out the entire jackpot. That’s around ten times larger than the standard payouts for these two bets. That lowers the house edge enough to make this a viable wager. also offers the Internet’s top sports book and a medium sized poker room.