Bodog Poker Referral Number

Bodog Poker is one of the largest online poker rooms and it’s not surprising since they come from the one of the largest brands in the gambling industry, Bodog. The online poker room has a large selection of poker games as well as tournaments and special events that keep players coming back for more. To get started at their online poker room is offering a special first time deposit bonus as well as special rewards for their existing players.

Bodog Poker Deposit Bonus

The first time deposit bonus at Bodog poker is a 110% bonus. Players will earn an instant 10% bonus right off the bat and then the remaining 100% will be a tiered bonus and is based on the first deposit amount as well as any additional deposits that may be made that same day.

Players need to download the software and then open a new account. A deposit must be made and then the 10% bonus will instantly be given. The players will need to begin playing and earning Poker points. The more poker points earned in the next sixty days will determine how large a bonus will be earned. For example if you earn 100 points in the time allotted then you will earn a $10 bonus but if you earn 10,000 you will earn a bonus of $400.

Clearing the Bonus

Players earn poker points by competing in ring games, playing in tournaments and just playing. Ring games give points for cash contributed to a raked pot, tournament fees deliver points and players get one point for every hour they play online. Players will earn one dollar of bonus money for every ten poker points earned.

Reload Bonus at Bodog Poker

Existing players at Bodog Poker can currently take advantage of a reload bonus. The poker room is offering a 100% match reload bonus. Players can reload their account at Bodog and get cash back just for doing so. Players simply deposit money into their account and they will earn the bonus cash. Players can get the reload bonus every month up to $500.

To clear the reload bonus players must hit the poker tables. For every 10 poker points earned, the player will earn $1 in bonus money. Players have the first thirty days from the deposit to earn the bonus. Bonuses cannot be stacked so make sure this is the one you want to take advantage of before you deposit.

Bodog Poker Reward Program

Bodog Poker does not have a large rewards program like many online poker rooms but they do reward their players with cash. Bodog Poker allows players to convert their Poker Points into cash money and what’s not to love about that?

Players can convert their points into cash when they are logged in to the software. Players need to log in and select the Account tab. Then click Points to Cash. Then select the desired amount to convert and then click the convert button.

The minimum of 500 points must be converted and players can convert as many points as they like up to 25,000 per 30 day period. The exchange rate for points of 100 points equals $1. This is a great way for players to earn extra cash at Bodog Poker and is simple and easy to do.

Overall Bodog Poker is a great online poker room for players to compete on. The site has a good selection of bonuses and rewards that allow players to make the best of their hard earned cash. The site is easy to use and bonuses to not take too long to clear which is always good. And remember the more you play the faster you will earn your bonus cash!


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